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Friday, May 27, 2011

For My Mama

As I have stated before, everything that I create, craft or re-purpose I prefer to give them life with meaning. The details, time and love that goes into what I do means a great deal to me, and hopefully to the people the gifts are given to. That is how I show love. That is my love language when it comes to giving love. To meet people's need right smack dab in the middle of their heart. That is success!
So this attempt to love on someone came around Mother's Day. So I had a challenge in front of me because my mom can out craft, out paint and take on Martha Stewart and win by a land slide with one hand tied behind her back. She is good! I learned sooo much from her!  On top of all that, my mom is one of the most loving, beautiful, caring person you could ever meet. She makes Paula Deen look grouchy. :o) If you could not tell, I love my mom!
None of the ideas that I could come up with were even remotely close to how much I wanted to express my love to my mom.
Then I was walking around the wonderful land of Hobby Lobby and inspiration filled me.
Mom is always in the kitchen coming up with yummy and health recipes. Check out her blog for recipes at She has had different aprons through the years but it was time for a new, sassy apron!
The fabric at HL is so stinkin' cute and I found three different patterns that just looked like my mom. I used one of my current aprons as a template and added my own touches to given her new apron significance and love.

My mom's office at home is a bright pink, gray and black so I couldn't really go wrong with these colors. Plus how cute is polka dot, hounds tooth and damask together. So pretty! 

 I pre-made pockets and apron ties so that they could be sewn between the reversible pieces for clean look. 
 Now how could I pass up a little bit of tasteful bling. :o)
 Here is the finished look on the front, complete with a sufficient amount of pockets and frill!
 I added embroidery to the pockets but forgot to take a picture before I sent it. :o/ Next to the flower on the top pocket I embroidered Nanna Jo (which is what my little girl calls my mom) and the name of her grandkids on the pockets. (My sister's idea!)
 Here is the reversed side. My mom's style can go along with how fun or stylish she feels when she cooks!
This apron was my second attempt at an apron. I made one for my daughter a while ago and it does not look this nice. :o) My advice when you attempt a sewing project like this is take your time and add as much love as you can. I'm sure the person you are making the apron for is worth all the love and effort you put in...I know my mom is! :o)
Hope love fills your day,
P.S. Mom loved her new apron!

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