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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Getting Organized

I will just be honest right off the bat...I am soooo not an organized person. My hubby, who's hangers in his closet are all one inch apart, tries and tries to keep me organized but it is for not. I do try...I do... really! But there are just so many more interesting activities in life. :o) But in the spirit of compromise, and because I love my husband so, I got out his label machine and got to work organizing our spice cabinet in the kitchen.
Mark loves to cook (and I happily cheer him on) but the kitchen looks like a tornado hit it when he is done. I don't mind because the food is so good! So to aid Mark in his chefness, I went to, joyfully, shop at World Market for kitchen supplies!
Here is the before shot of our lovely spice cabinet: not horrible but needs some spicing up. Hahaha!
My World Market finds!

I decided to buy spices in bulk (which you can find for a great price at Vitamin Cottage) so the basket is for the extra that does not fit in the jars.
So Pretty!
Now on to the organizing!
Each jar got a spice/herb and a nifty name tag so as to not confuse each other :o)
And the pies de resistance!
 Now the question is: Will it stay this way? :o) And my OCDC (as Mark calls himself) hubby loves the organized look and, to my joy, is still cooking away! There may have been a small, underlying reason I have our cabinet looking so spicy! But he doesn't need to know that. :o)
Spice up your day!
Love, Sarah