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Friday, February 4, 2011


Welcome to my obsession! My husband will attest to the fact that re-purposing and creating is, indeed, an obsession! Being a counselor, he has diagnosed my obsession as a disorder. Call it CDD, Creative Design Disorder. If it is a mental disorder, I do not want therapy or medication! I love every minute I spend trying making things beautiful! The hours spent pouring over do-it-yourself magazines, books and other blogs are countless. Creating, whether a good outcome or not, is something that I must do. It is in my blood. I cannot walk into a room without rearranging the decor or walk into consignment shops without my head reeling. Oh it is all so much fun! And I get to share it all with each of you!
I hope you enjoy my musing and my projects! 
Welcome to Re-Purposed!

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