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Monday, February 7, 2011


I have learned that I have a family tree that is full of fabulous women...and men too, but that is another day! :o) Each of the women in my family, that I have been privileged to have a close relationship with, have given me tidbits of wisdom and advice that have helped me grow. One very special lady is my Mom!

While I was growing up, my mom was supermom! She told the best stories, made yummy meals and created a home environment that was welcoming and the greatest place to grow up. What I remember most was her ability to create from nothing. She made my sisters and my dresses, outfits, Fall Festival costumes and play clothes. She made curtains, pillows, decorations and as my sisters and I got older, Mom got a business license and started selling her handmade crafts. Martha Stewart got all her ideas from MY mom!

During all of my little kid years, I only ever wanted to grow up to be like my mom! And that has not changed. I know I cannot ever be my mom but she has instilled so much of herself into my sisters and me, that I have a small chance of being a great mom for my little girl. My mom is now Nanna to her grandkids and has saved me so many times from making mistakes while I raise my baby girl. Mom has given me a great example to go by and when I feel like I have come up short, she is there with her wisdom, love, encouragement and a few stories about what it was like raising me. The few stories that she can get out without laughing too hard. (Insert sarcasm here).

 I just had to remember a very fabulous woman in my life who's name is Mom! (Well her real name is Joni...) :o) You rock Mom!

Go hug your mom or that special lady that has poured into your life and let her know you love her!

P.S. Here is a plug for my mom and her blog! Nanna's Kitchen

Decorative Pillows
I learned how to sew by watching my mom sew so many pretty things. I got the idea for these pillows by looking at pillows that were made out vintage potato sacks.
What you need:
2- 22x24 inch pieces of fabric
acrylic paint (your choice of color)
craft sponge brush
your choice of stencil
sewing machine
pillow stuffing

I picked out the fabric that matches my curtains and cut two pieces into 22x24 inches. I chose one of the pieces to be the side that the number would go on. You can use a number or a letter, I have seen images of birds, flowers, etc. You can choose whatever you like. 
For the numbers, I simply picked a font that I liked on the computer, picked the size I wanted and printed it out. The tedious part was cutting out the black letter to make a stencil. It takes time but is worth it. Tape your stencil to the fabric to keep it from moving. 
Place you hand on the fabric to keep it from moving and sponge the paint onto the stencil. Sponge the paint on to the fabric in up and down movements. Up in the air, down on the fabric to keep the paint from seeping under the stencil. I learned the hard way :o) and did not do it that way with the first one. 
When finished painting, let the fabric dry.
When dry, put the stenciled side of the fabric face-down on top of the second piece of fabric and pin the sides. Leave a 4 inch opening on the side that you want to be the bottom and that will be how you stuff the pillow. 
Sew the sides together then turn right side out and stuff the pillow to the fullness you desire.
Sew the bottom seam closed and you are done. Now you have new bragging rights!

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