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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Little Caper

My little cousin turned three years old and this sweet guy needed a super hero cape! What three year old boy is complete without one? I went for simple, fun and all boy!
I used a fun polka dot and corduroy fabrics!

 I put the two fabrics together and cut them at one time to make things really easy.
I cut rounded tabs for the neck piece. Honestly, I made this part really hard and figured out it did not need to be. I sewed my tabs inside out then turned them right side out. This took FOREVER! Not so super. You can fold the sides under and right side up, iron the sides in place, pin then sew together. That would be very simple, not hard like I did it. My mom always said I did things the hard way. :o)
 I sew pieces of Velcro on each tab so that putting on and taking off would be easy for a three year old. Having to wait for someone to tie those capes on takes too long!
 I sewed the pieces together then flipped the fabric right side out then put a quick seam on the bottom.
 Ta Da!!!!! Instead of using the traditional S for super, I put his initial on the cape to make it personal just for him. And it was a hit! He even used his arms to hold out the cape behind him when he ran around to mimic super flying. :o) Too cute!
I am entertaining ideas for a girly super cape...for my little girl, not me! :o)
Have a SUPER day!

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