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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Little Here A Little There

I love walking into house that is decorated in a way that makes your eyes travel all over the room. I recently visited the house of lady that is a professional interior decorator and I loved everything I saw! She had incredibly unique ideas and I loved sitting and trying to absorb the beautiful decor. I was there for three hours and my eyes never stopped moving! I love unique touches that make your home you and makes it special for every person that enters the door.
In my own home, I love the color yellow and the sunshine it brings but I also love shades of blue that contain calming and relaxing effects. I have tried to take different elements of color and make each one meaningful for the room it is in. For example, our rental kitchen is beautiful (our landlords remodeled) but it is dark. I brought in yellow to brighten it up but not too much so that you get a yellow punch in the face. Also, the living room is large and white so to soften and calm I like to use the combo of dark brown and different pattern to anchor and blues to calm. So fun!
These are just the fun little elements that keep your eyes moving and enjoying what you see. :o)
In this photo I found this flowering plant at a local consignment shop and saw the idea of using corks to fill the bottom of the jar. It is still in progress because I save corks any time I can but it is taking a while to fill the jar. :o) The books are handed down antiques and the M is a Hobby Lobby find that I covered in paper. Super easy!
This bowl was also a consignment find but and the tiered cake plate a little project that I showed in the Tea Time blog way back. Each piece needed some pizazz!

I had some fun with some yellow and green to bring some color to the kitchen!

The glass dome on the top tier, I thought, added a cute and unique tough that you do not see very often...and honestly I love them and would put them on everything!

I have a ton of cook books from my collection when I was single and the huge collection that my wonderful cook husband had when he was single. So what does a girl do? Decorate!!! I grabbed a stack and accessorized!
I have always believed a few things here and there add statements and character to your home. Make them unique to you and your family and you cannot go wrong!
Have a unique to you day, :o)

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